8. Accept an offer: There are several things to     consider when accepting an offer:

         a. Price: All offers may not be what you                            want, they maybe down right insulting, however              try not to give an emotional response. This is              time to be realistic and objective and examine              the offer. Look at whether an independent              appraisal was done, maybe an broker’s market              analysis done. How long has your home been on               the market? How many offers have you received,              and what kind of market are you in? Never miss              an opportunity to negotiate.

         b. Look at the condition of your home                                and the inspection report: It is ok for the buyer              to have an inspection. This information will allow              you and the buyer will know                           the condition of the property to be                           purchased. This information is then used              to determine what is to be repaired,                           upgraded, or changed and used as a negotiation              tool on a binding contract that is acceptable to              all parties.

         c. Financing Issues: If the contract is contingent on              a buyer's ability to obtain an acceptable loan,              does the clause spell out what actions are              required by the buyer? Each buyer’s situation is              different. Don’t panic, get the                                        details, YOUR  REALTY will be very instrumental              with this, and from there you will make an              informed decision.

         d. Response Time: You will usually get 24-48 hours              to respond to a to a contract offer. If this is not              enough time to consider an offer, counter offer              for more time and give a reason. This includes if              you have multiple offers, owners out of town,              etc. Just remember to be forthright                           and respectful to the allotted time given.

         e. Sale of buyers home: You may have an offer              which is contingent on the sale of the buyer’s              home. Should you take it? There are a few              things to look at first; in this situation you are              linking the sale of your home to the sale of              theirs. You will be in fact taking your property off              the market until the buyer sells theirs. If things              do not go as planned, you could be right              back where you started some weeks later.              However, if you think this situation is the best              you can do under the circumstances, there are              safeguards to consider; seek the advice of a              broker who is familiar with the market in the              area where the buyers home is located,                           assure yourself that the home is salable and              price competitively. Get the buyer’s marketing              plan and have it as an addendum to the                           contract the spells out exactly what will happen              and when, and lastly, you could ask for a   non-               refundable amount (in lieu of earnest money) ,              which you will retain if the buyers home is not              sold within a certain period of time.  

          f. Settlement date and occupancy: Most homes are              delivered to the buyer at closing. However if you              have any issues that may arise, again be              forthright and respectful giving detailed                           information to the buyers in advance. Parties              should be able to cooperate to come up with a              solution.

9.   Home inspections and appraisals: At this                 point you should know the results of the appraisal          and inspections. If there are any issues you will know       at this point and anything that needs to be                      done should be spelled out in the contract and                 accepted by all parties.

10. Moving: Make sure that you have packed and                 moved before the closing date (with the exception            of what was agreed to be left behind), all contract            items have been satisfied and the property is clean           for the buyers move-in. If there are any issues about       moving before the closing, contact the buyers                 through your agent immediately.

11. Closing: By this time, all issues should be satisfied       per the contract. You should have received the good       faith estimate( HUD-1) and know what you should be       bring to the table for closing costs, prepaids, etc.            Make sure you also bring all keys , remotes, manuals,       ongoing contracts, and home insurance information if       you are providing on to the buyers.

1. Decide if you're ready: Be realistic, what is your     reason for moving, renting and ready to own is it more     space, downsizing, or relocation; conduct a thorough     assessment of your finances, how much do you want     to spend per month on your mortgage to live     comfortable; what are your needs first, then your     wants; consider if you have to sell before you buy, etc.     The objective is to be very clear about your intensions     to sell your property and the path you need to take     will become more clear

2. Choose a Realtor: We at YOUR REALTY pride     ourselves in providing tailored service to each and     every With our knowledge or real estate and the local     market we believe that we are the clear choice to     market your property.

3. Get a value analysis: Your next step is to     get a CMA (comparative market analysis) to determine     the value of your home as compared to others within     the same area and specifications as yours. With the     changing market and with our assistance this will help     you determine the market value range for your home.

4. Set a price: Once the range is known, it is time to set     the price. You will be able to determine a price that     you will be comfortable with, while keeping it within     the local market range.

5. Prepare to sell: There are several different things to     consider when preparing your home. First     impressions mean everything and the slightest little     thing can sway a buyers opinion toward the negative. 

       a. Your home must have curb appeal. Trim all                      shrubs, hedges, trees, and mow the lawn.                     Weed lawn and garden. Seed worn patches on            your lawn it needed.  Rake up dead leaves and            pick up limbs. Repair, repaint, or replace the                  mailbox and fences. Pick up all toys, trash,                     and tools. Remove any non-working vehicles. 

        b. Repaint, repair, touch up or replace                                 siding.Check around windows and doors                       to make sure caulking and weather stripping is             intact. Put on a fresh coat of paint or pressure             wash if paint is intact.  Replace ant worn             doormat. Replace house numbers if necessary.             Add potted plants and wash windows.

        c. Freshen up the paint on the inside of your             home. Make sure your entry looks inviting and             home looks inviting Make sure that appliances             are in working order and replace older appliances             that may not match. Check and repair plumbing             and electrical systems. Replace worn carpets and             vinyl flooring. Replace any broken lighting and             plumbing fixtures. Check all caulk in kitchen,             baths, and windows, replace if necessary. Make             sure you have proper lighting throughout your             home.

        d. Clear gutters and downspouts of debris and             repair as needed. Make sure you maintain your             chimney, flue is clean, chimney is not leaking,             and fireplace in working order. Check your roof is             in proper repair, replace if necessary.

  These are just a few suggestions of what you can do to make sure your home represents the love that you have put into it throughout the years. You may do more or less depending on the condition of your home. The overall sentiment is to make your home give a first impression that will resonate with the potential buyers.

6. Market your home: Our goal at Your Realty is to     showcase your property in media venues that expose     it to the greatest number of potential buyers.

7. Prepare a sellers disclosure: In this phase it     incumbent upon you to be truthful about the condition     of your home. Any infraction can cost you a sale or     could have  legal consequences. 

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